Friday, August 5, 2011

I've Got The Itch!

My brain is on creative overload. So many ideas out there!! I have so many blogs in my Google Reader just chalk full of ideas. Then people will post links to other people's great ideas. And then there is Pinterest, which is the mecca of great ideas!!

I've been hitting the thrift stores lately looking for vintage sheets and clothing for myself. And anything else that jumps out at me for the shower. Today at Goodwill they had all shirts $1. Tomorrow is all bottoms $1 (jeans are $2). I got about 10 shirts, some will have to be altered but for a buck (and all these clothing upcycle tutorials!)  if I mess it up it's no big deal. I picked up a few vintage sheet pillowcases, a glass cake stand on a pedestal and 4 matching vintage floral plates. All for $20.

Back when I didn't work my "job" for money was doing eBay.

I'd go to garage sales and thrift stores and buy things to sell.

I also made little girls dresses (and outfits) and sold them. Look how little Melissa is here!

AND I made bookmarks and sold them.

The bad thing about making things to sell is you start off with something you are totally tickled about and you start to not really like it anymore. You get burnt out. I got burnt out with all of the above but it's been awhile.

Now with all this inspiration floating around at my fingertips my brain is swirling with ideas!! If only I didn't have to work I could get all kinds of fun stuff made. Kidding! Well kind of! I think I'm going to try and start doing some stuff again. Just on a small scale and just for fun. If I start getting stressed out about any of it I'll just stop. Sounds like a plan right?Pin It


Chris H said...

YOu can sew really well! I love that wee outfit.
Talk about giving ME ideas.... I could make clothes for my kids too... hmmmm... maybe!
I can't wait to see what you start making now.

Chris H said...

What did I block out?
Just a roll of loo paper that I'd used to mop up messes on the first day and an ice cream container with used tissues!
Nothing exciting... sorry!

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