Friday, August 26, 2011

Pismo Beach I :HEART: You!!

We went to Pismo Beach on the way back from the wedding. 

None of us had ever been there before. 
We found a place to park for free on the street 
and then walked towards the ocean, 
down the stairs and on the beach.

I wish we had been prepared 
and wore our suits, 
brought a beach blanket, 
a book for me 
and a picnic.

I think these guys would have liked us to bring a picnic too.

The kids entertained themselves by burying each other

And then braved the ocean sans suits

Trevor found a piece of seaweed 
that made the perfect Indiana Jones whip. 
You can see that Jessica is 
less than thrilled about that.

 And Melissa 
found a whole sand dollar in the sand!

I definitely want to go back there. 
Most of the time when people talk of Pismo
it's to go four wheeling. 
We don't have four wheelers 
but I could go for a few days of hanging out right here.
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1 comment:

Claudya Martinez said...

It's gorgeous! That sand dollar is perfect. My brother in law has a whole collection of sand dollars that he ends up painting or decorating.

Thanks for the lovely peak at Pismo Beach.

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