Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Trip To Solvang, California

Last weekend we traveled down south for my cousin's wedding. The wedding was in Santa Ynez. We went down Friday night after school was out for Jess and I got off of work. It's a FIVE HOUR DRIVE. That's why we went a day early. FIVE HOURS in the car. Everyone did surprisingly well on the trip down. AMAZING.

So Saturday morning we got up and had our free breakfast at our hotel. I LOVED this about our stay. Free breakfast for five people two days in a row saved us at least $100. After waiting two and a half hours for my oldest to get done getting ready we hopped in the car and took the short ride over to Solvang.

Solvang is the cutest little tourist town. It's "Danish", which must mean lots of adorable little places with windmills :)

Here's a big windmill with two pretty girls in front of it.

This is my  family looking oh so happy.

Love this store front!

My brother and his family met up with us, look how big my niece is already. She calls Melissa La La. How adorable is that?

Check out this building. Loooveee it!

 I think we need to get one of those smashed penny books, that would be a fun cheap collection for the kids. If only I had more quarters.

This is a cool pelican with a fish in it's mouth. 

And this is a very expensive bench. Right after we took this Trevor broke something. The shop owner was nice enough to only charge me half price. ($6 something). I was hoping she'd be nice and just say it was ok. Thank God it wasn't more expensive.

We ate lunch at the Big Bopper Drive In. Almost $50 for our family of five to get a drink, burger and fries each. The burger wasn't all that special but the fries were DELICIOUS! I'd stop there and just get fries next time. It did seem to take a really long time to get our food too, so don't stop there if you are in a hurry.

Walking back to try and find our car we had to stop for this photo op. Kids loved it!

There were a lot of people waiting to ride the horse pulled trolley.

I made the kids take a picture of me before we left so there was proof that I was there too. 

I wish I would have had more time to hang out and go through all the shops. There was so much to see!Pin It


sarah said...

What a cute town!!! Five hours...you complain about that. LOL. That is nothing in our book now. Land of driving-all-over! We head up to Colorado state fair this coming week. FUN! I am still laughing at that pic of the "happy" family. Looks like they are all suffering..WTH???

Jennifer said...

I love visiting quaint little towns like that. So much fun.

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