Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Another Cousin Baby Shower

Saturday my girls and I went to my cousin's daughter's baby shower. Say that 3 times fast.  I sat at a table with my Aunt (dad's oldest sibling-oldest sister), her daughter, her granddaughter, her grandson and her great grandson. AND a gal that I thought was just a family friend but turns out is married to another cousin. Whoops, that was awkward, I didn't even know who she was. 

Here's Jess with my cousin's grand baby (the one with the fluffy dog)

4 Generations 

My two cousins and me, we're all the girl granddaughters on that side of the family

2 aunts

My cousin and her 4 girls  (they are a little bigger than here)

My aunt, her daughter, 4 granddaughters, 3 great granddaughters, 1 step granddaughter, and one girl I don't know who she belongs to haha. Can you see the chaos? HILARIOUS. So glad my kids are bigger.

Melissa and the cousin again, he was such a good baby!

My aunt and her grandson. (he's the one who's mom passed away a couple of  years ago. He came out to spend some time with his grandma for the summer) 

The baby shower went pretty good but things didn't really get rolling until about an hour into it and we had to leave to go to my brother's birthday party. They played a few games but never got around to the presents or the cake. I guess if you've seen one baby present you've seen them all though right?

It was really nice to see so much family!

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