Saturday, June 28, 2014

Adventure Day 3

In the morning we got up slowly. The hotel had pretty thin walls so you could hear all the water running in the other rooms and a monkey. I kind of woke up a little bit and I was like "is that a monkey?" Nope, just a kid making loud monkey noises. Seriously who lets their kid make loud monkey noises like that. I would have told my kids to pipe down. I could hear the monkey all the way out to their car until they drove away.

I bet that mom drinks.

So eventually we got up and got moving. We checked out and then went back to the downtown area of Reno and went to the Buffet at the El Dorado. We hardly ever do buffets anymore. I took a tour and then got a little bit of everything. The food was just kind of  "eh" but then I hit the dessert area. OMG CHEESECAKE!  The cheesecake was so delicious (sorry didn't get a pic but I'm sure you know what cheesecake looks like ;)) and they had some fantastic macaroons. I may have wrapped up a few and stuck them in my purse for a macaroon emergency. Next time I go there I'm just going to skip the food and go straight for the dessert.

After brunch I got my mom to play a few penny machines. She doesn't really like to gamble all that much so that was fun.

She'd put in a dollar and then be like "it's all gone" lol. I'm like you might want to put in a COUPLE dollars. My Dad sent me a text and asked what we were doing and I sent him that picture and said "saving you some money" haha. Why is it saving money? Because my mom LOVES to shop. 

If you know me you know that unless it's a thrift or antique store I HATE to shop. I really dislike gift shops too. My Mom on the other hand just loves to go through them all. She did some gambling so I had to do some gift shops lol.  Who buys all this crap that says RENO on it. Just dumb. Unless you collect shot glasses for everywhere you go or something.

Lucky for me we found this AWESOME antique store on the back side of the El Dorado area. It was called Antiques and Treasures. It was a really big store and just when you thought you were done you go down stairs and the whole down stairs was full too! So much fun stuff to look at. I ended up getting two little crocheted little coin purses. I thought they'd be cute for when I go out and don't have any pockets and don't want to carry a big purse. I was just going to get the one with the button but then the other one wasn't very expensive and cute so I got that one too.

After hours of walking around and shopping we went back to the Atlantis and tried checking in again. The room was already paid for and I couldn't cancel it so why not stay another night?! Luckily this time it actually worked. 

Our room was on the 15th floor and was sooo nice inside. I stole this picture from someone on yelp, but this is what our room looked like

This is my picture, the view from our room

and at night, so pretty

Mom and I just kind of hung out in the room for awhile and watched some HGTV. Why do I not watch these shows at home? So much fun. I wonder if they have them on Netflix lol.  We watched an episode of Brother vs Brother and then a few of Love It or List It. Such fun shows that show the possibility of what COULD be if you only had $60-$100k to sink into your house. Oh yeah and someone to design it and do all the work. If only right?

Eventually we wandered down to the casino area where we spent about 45 minutes getting a players card from a nice lady that hopefully got some kind of commission off of us. We walked around and checked everything out and then went to the buffet for dinner. Yes, 2 buffets in one day, holy where's my elastic pants. This time I didn't even venture over to the desserts and ate a ton of crab legs that I fished out of some Mexican seafood stuff. They were pretty delicious. 

After that I made my mom lose some more money on penny machines until she had  "had enough of them taking her money" (I was actually up a bit). We went up to the room and watched a bit of TV and enjoyed the nice comfy beds.

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Annsterw said...

2 buffets in one day and slots...sounds like my kind of vacation!! Bring on the stretchy pants! Ha!

Annsterw said...

Ps-how's Scott's hand? Hope better!!

Chris H said...

What fun!

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