Friday, June 20, 2014

Adventure Time

As soon as I wash the dishes and scoop the cat box I'm leaving to go on a girls weekend with my mom! We are going to take some old pictures to her uncle in Fallon, Nevada. We don't have an agenda other than dinner there tomorrow night and a 2 booked hotels so should be a nice relaxing weekend!

I'm probably going to need a lot of coffee though since Scott kept me awake ALL NIGHT. He burned his had at work with the welder (tiny little spot) and it swelled all up and he was in pain all night. Of course that means he slept in the bed instead of in the recliner like he usually does.

He couldn't understand why I got up at 5 am and started getting read to go. I'm like DUDE I can't sleep might as well get up!

He was talking about going to the doctor and seeing if they could get him in but I reminded him that it's worker's comp so he went to work. Five bucks says he doesn't go to the doctor at all once he gets there because it will feel better. Then be in agony all weekend.

Just what I want to worry about while I'm off trying to relax. Why can't people time their sicknesses better ;)

Poor guy I kind of flipped my shit on him for a minute. Me + no sleep + stress + sick man= not happy. 

It's a good thing I never wanted to be a nurse. I probably would have got fired for smacking someone and telling them to stfu and man up. Probably why my mom keeps worrying that I'm going to have to take care of her when she gets old lol. I keep telling her I'll be good to her ;)

Oh and then he was telling me this morning all about how his boss is trying to find a new place for their business because they are losing their lease to Car Max. Thanks babe. More stress. Just what I want. 

So guess I should go wash those dishes. I woke up to a swarm of ants in the sink. Lovely. 

I'm sure I'll post some pics on Instagram while I'm out de-stressing!

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Annsterw said...

Have a fun weekend!!!!! Drive and relax!!!!!! Don't let yourself stress!!!!!! :-)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Enjoy your trip. Wish I could tag along - I have my own sick spouse here remember? Jeez, they are such big pain in the asses when they are sick or hurt! 58? nah, more like 8.

Chris H said...

Well I hope you have a wonderful time Chick.
And men! I always feel like killing Stew when he gets sick. I can't handle sick men, or kids.
I would never want to be a nurse!

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