Saturday, June 7, 2014


Playdate by Thelma Adams

I listened to this book in audio book form.

I think this is the dumbest and most boring book I've listened to, or read in quite awhile. 

The story is about Lance, loser stay at home dad who is cheating on his wife that he "loves", his wife Darlene, who is a go-getter but not that great at being a mom (or wife), Wren the yoga loving gal that Lance is banging, her husband I think his name was Alex who is a total douche bag that's working with Darlene and the kids and babysitter.

That's about what the whole book is about. It's so shallow and it just drags on with nothing exciting actually happening. At one point I started skipping a bit because I really didn't CARE about a conversation between two ten year olds that was just going on and on about nothing. 

I hated that Lance, Darlene and Wren didn't really seemed all that bothered about their extra marital affairs.

Should have chucked it out the window but I had to return it to the library. Pin It

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