Monday, August 25, 2014

Dry Creek Trail

Sunday afternoon Scott, Trevor and I took our bikes and went out to ride on the Dry Creek Trail.  I had only been on the trail once before when I ran the Resolution Run. Scott was just starting to run then so he didn't do the run but he had went to support me. I knew if I went to the school then I would know where the trail was so that is what we did.

Scott was all nervous about where to park but eventually he took a chance and parked in the high school parking lot. We put on our helmets and rode down the street to the trail and let Trevor set the pace.

I had said that anything over about 5 was probably going to be too much for him but he thought he could go farther. We ended up riding to what appeared to be the end at a park and then back which was 10 miles. I can't believe he rode 10 miles and didn't even complain.

The whole trail is pretty flat and has little windy paths along this creek. There are park benches, parks and even a couple bathrooms (one of which was open but no doors on the stalls ick). It's a great little trail! I think we figured out a better place to park next time too so that will be a little bit less stressful since Scott was so worried about them towing our truck.

There were a few homeless people in the last park we ended up at before turning around but nothing too exciting or scary along the path.

The whole ride seemed to go by really quickly. I guess that's what happens when you are used to trying to keep up with your husband for 50 miles.

I'm glad we got Trevor out to do something active instead of just sitting on the computer for the whole weekend.

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Chris H said...

Kids have stamina, unlike adults!

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