Sunday, August 10, 2014

Empire Mine Road

I met this really inspiring gal through Instagram a couple weeks ago (LPAPPAS18). 

She sent me a friend request on Facebook and then she made this group for local runners and people just working on their fitness. Then she went one step further and made an event where we could all get out and do something and get to know each other. 


So with that I found myself driving to Antioch last weekend. It's "not too far" but "kind of far" if you know what I mean. Took me about 45-1 hr to get there (probably on the lower side since I was running late and MAY have sped a bit). 

There ended up being four of us that met up. One of which is my friend Susie, who I have knows for about 12-15 years (somewhere around there) from wayyy back in the MomsOnline Message boards. We've met up a bunch of times over the years and she even ran a race with me once.  It was great hanging out with her!

The other two gals were the one who organized it all and her neighbor.  We drove down the street from her house a bit and hit this trail called "Empire Mine Road". 

Apparently this road was closed a few years back because there was too much crime going on in the area. So they just took out the road! Which is totally a win win for people who run and bike.

What is kind of cool about the whole area is that it has "history" of having some ghost type activity. Nothing exciting happened to us four moms though lol.

It was so nice to get out and meet some new people. We just walked but it was still getting exercise which is always a win!

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Chris H said...

I wish there was a walking group in my area, that would sure make getting out and walking more enjoyable.
You fulla's need rain!

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