Sunday, April 14, 2013

Zoo Zoom Family & Friends Race Day

Today was a FUN day. We got up early and made our way to Sacramento Zoo for the Zoo Zoom. We met up with my brother, sister in law, her dad and my niece and followed each other over to the Zoo.

First up was the 5k race. Scott, my sister in law, and her dad were all running it (and random woman and her kid).

Everyone did really good and got new PR's!

Scott finished around 31 minutes and had an average pace of 10:15.

The 10k race started an hour after the 5k and my friend and fellow Fit Camper Susie came to run with me.

Aren't my pants AWESOME?? So much fun. I got a ton of compliments on them.

I got them here. They are real thin Spandex like so great for running!

Susie and I run at about the same pace so we started off together and managed to stay running together all the way through! We ran a 10:15 average (same as Scott isn't that funny?) and finished the race in 1:03:35, a new PR! 

It was great to have someone to run with to keep me motivated. A few times I kind of wanted to walk but there was no way I was going to do that with her there ;)

I had my Runkeeper on and it was a bit ahead of the game and said I ran more like a 9:35 and an extra .2 miles. pulled up the map and it had me going off the course a bit so no wonder. Still a great time and pace!. 

After our race my neice who is 3 was signed up to do the kids run. She was a little apprehensive but Scott told her he would run with her and she said ok. She lined up with the other kids and then this person in a chicken costume came out and got in the front and they told all the kids to chase the chicken. SO stinking cute!! She ran her little legs off all 200 yards to the finish line and got herself a medal. 

I just love this picture, so cute!

A picture of Scott and I in the sun by the "food". We missed out on the bagels, all the 5k'ers ate them all.

After all the races my niece wanted to go on the train and her Grandpa bought Trevor a ticket to go with them. She's so little you can't see her in there. 

They left after that and we walked around the zoo a bit on our own. It's a cute little zoo. I haven't been there in a few years. I like the big cats the best.

Pretty fun race and it was nice having the free entry into the zoo afterwards!

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