Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Grocery Shopping Sucks

It's almost 11 and I'm shamelessly stuffing my face with popcorn while I unwind from grocery shopping.

Is it just me or is grocery shopping like torture? I didn't even take the kids with me (hardly ever do anymore) and it's still such a grueling task.

I start through the door where all the sale stuff is. Oh look cake loaf is on sale. That shit is GOOD can't buy that. Chips nope, Cheez It's nope, nope nope nope.

ok produce. Blech sick of those oranges. Sick of pears sick  of salad sick of broccoli. Oh grapes. Haven't ate those in awhile. Need more bananas for my protein drinks.

Bulk section guess I should get some more pistachios kind of sick of those. Trail mix but not too much remember how you over eat that.

What should we get for meat for the week (so unorganized lately, no list let alone a menu) we'll get some of that and that and that. 7 packs of meat we'll figure something out to do with at least we'll have food.

Oh the fun part! Protein bar aisle. I'll take one of each Clif bar!!

7 cans of soup for lunch, already have the tuna.

Scott wants popcorn, can't forget the popcorn!! Oh look caramel popcorn. Oh this little bag is 7 servings? Better not get that I'll eat the whole bag.

$200 worth of unexciting groceries. I'm so not excited to buy it, cook it or eat it. I think I need to start hanging out at Skinnytaste again.

Maybe I can get someone to make me up a menu, shopping list, go shopping for me and cook it all?

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Jessica said...

Definitely know how you feel! Thinking of things to make gets old and eating the same old thing is no fun. I need to go check out Skinnytaste too. I need new ideas!

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I have been on a grape roll. However I only like the green ones and I freeze them. Clean 'em and put them in a ziplock in the freezer. I pop 'em in my big ole mouth while watching tv. gives me a feeling of something sweet. I prefer fudge but what ya gonna do?

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