Saturday, April 20, 2013

Long Run Saturday!!

I should totally not be sitting her on the computer because I'm supposed to be packing and or cleaning but I'm taking a moment because this girl just ran NINE MILES.

Nine miles is my long run distance for this weekend. I've never run 9 miles before. I did run 8 miles once about a month ago just on a whim. I've been obsessing about this 9 miles every since I saw it on the plan for this weekend.

I was going to wait and do it in Monterey because HELLO it's beautiful there and that is where I will be on Sunday, the day of my long run. But this morning I woke up and I was thinking to myself I should just go out there and do it. Get it done. Stop thinking about it and get it done.

I told Scott I was thinking about it and he was like sounds like a plan so I went!

I took about a half pack of sports beans that I had left from the last time I went out and filled one of my fuel bottles with the nuun drink and the other one with water. I sipped them and rationed my beans out for most of the run but I wished I had brought more and just filled both of my bottles with the nuun drink. That stuff is tasty.

I spent the whole time talking to myself.

Mile 4 oh man I still have double plus one to go. When I get to half way it will be good.
Mile 5 more than half way WOOT. 4 more miles to go.
Mile 6 I'm getting kind of tired but I run a 10k all the time, I can do this!!
Mile 7 Yeah bitches!! 2 more to go you got this!!
Mile 8 BIG SOB omg I'm a runner!! I'm running 8 freaking miles and I"m almost done.

Anyone that runs long distances all the time must think I'm so stupid but this girl has started from day one of couch to 5k struggling to run those 1 minute intervals. ONE MINUTE seemed like freaking FOREVER.

But I kept pushing through and I did it. Each week I did it (all documented here you can go back and read my craziness haha). I finished the couch 2 5k. I did the 5k-10k and now I'm chipping away at that half marathon and

I'm GOING to do it!!

I have the total confidence now that I can do it. At mile 9 I wasn't tired anymore I was invigorated.

Bring me the mountain and I will climb it!!

Ok now off to pack! Lots of adventures to be had this weekend. I can't freaking wait!!Pin It

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