Friday, April 5, 2013

Harmony Wynelands

Yesterday I went with a friend of mine to check out two wineries. She is getting married next year and is looking for a venue.

I haven't went to wineries too much. I am more of a whiskey girl but I will drink wine occasionally   There just seems to be so much about wine that I just don't understand. All I know is I want it to taste good when I drink it. I don't really care about all that other stuff.

Anyhow, she's looking at some wineries in Lodi, which of course is where I went to high school GO FLAMES!!

So first on the agenda was Harmony Wynelands. Kind of a weird name for a winery I'm thinking? Still not sure why they spell it Wynelands but we sure learned why they call it Harmony.

They have this FANTASTIC organ there. They have these big vent things up on the walls and they open and close to the music. It's quite the show!  I found this video, but when we were there the organ played on it's own and those big slat things they pan to opened and closed.

and the guy talking here in this next video, he was quite entertaining.

His hair is about shoulder length now. He was living in Kauai when his mom recruited him to come and help out with the winery.

This is the winery cat names "Zinny" short for Zinfandel of course. He's obviously a Maine Coon cat. When I first saw him I was like well there's a COUGAR! haha.

They have really nice gardens. When we were driving in down the vineyard we saw jack rabbits hopping through the vines.

They do outside weddings there, setting up the chairs on the grass towards the trellis

and then you get married under the trellis

It's really cute and homey.

They set up the tables on the patio area.

They have a bunch of these chairs around so you can sit and enjoy your wine and relax.

It's a super cute place!

What seems odd to me is that when you go in to talk about having a wedding there they don't have like a little pamphlet type thing set up. My friend had to prod for all the answers to her questions (at both places we went to). It seems like it would be so much easier if they just had a little folder they handed out with all the info. More bride friendly. It's been so long since I got married I didn't know anything to ask (and my Mom took care of all that).

Anyhow I wouldn't mind going back to just have some wine and hang out. Their wine was pretty good too :)

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Now you know this would be a fun day for me....except for the cat. :-)
Next time call me - I'll join you...tee hee.

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