Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Can't Keep Up...

I was totally mourning the loss of Google Reader but now it seems to be back? Was it really ever gone? Did people cry enough they brought it back? If it's back I'm pretty happy about that. It's much easier than the other site I was trying to use.

So my son is in 4th grade. If you live in California you know that means that that is the year of the dreaded Mission projects. For some reason they think a 4th grader is with it enough to build a replica of a mission. At one point we got a flier home about this mission project. I read it and then never saw it again. I kept asking Trevor when he needed to turn in his mission and he kept telling me he didn't know.

When Melissa had her mission she brought home a book that had easy instructions on the back on how to build a mission. It even had all the items we need (using things like lasagna noodles and cardboard) listed and what size to cut things.

Trevor said he had a book at school but couldn't bring it home. Fast forward to the day they went back to school after spring break and it's Melissa's birthday and I ask, yet again, when this mission project is due. He tells me "tomorrow". I about had a heart attack! Then he said it was extra credit to turn in a mission (I hope he's right) and since we had plans for dinner for Melissa's birthday I just figured oh well!

Today he said he had to do a report on his mission. He had this paper with questions for us to find the answers to. Supposedly he's been working on this at school for weeks. He had the first 2 lines filled out. Kill me now.

Somewhere, oh somewhere I've lost my touch as being a great good mother. It's hidden under the piles of dirty clothes on the left side of my room or the baskets of clean clothes on the right. My dishes are piled up. Please give me at least an hour before you tell me you're dropping by.

I swear some days I wonder what the hell my problem is and why I can't keep everything up. Oh yeah. I work. I have kids. I go to the gym and I run. Then I squish in things like the grocery store and paying bills. I only work part time. I have no idea how women who work full time do it. You'd have to be super organized, which I used to be but I lost that somewhere too.

I guess just as long as the important homework gets done and we all can find a clean pair of under ware we're ok right? I did pay the garbage bill today so they won't come steal our trash cans again.

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Annsterw said...

WOW!!! Thats a lot to keep in order! I only have me and my bills, etc. and I can hardly keep me straight!!! Cut yourself some slack....definitely it is all okay as long as you have clean underwear or dont mind having the family run around "commando style" sans undies....hee hee!

michiganme said...

This made me laugh out loud! My kids were procrastinators too, there's nothing worse than having young kids spring homework projects on you after a long day of work.

I used to keep a relatively clean house until I started working and now there's STUFF everywhere. Obviously I was the one that kept after everyone to take care of their crap until I started working and got too busy to ride them. How come nobody else in this house seems to care? Aye aye aye

Chris H said...

I have no idea what a Mission Project is!
And I'm sure you will help Trevor with his... that's what we do eh?
As for housework... it never ends. I too have NO IDEA how anyone who works outside the home, part time or full time manages to keep the housework up to date!

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