Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Running Running Running

I had a couple goals for today.

Don't eat any nachos
Drink a lot of water
Talk myself into going to run intervals at that boring ass park
Get my squats done (105 today!)

Later I added "don't inhale donuts in the break room"

People and their GD donuts. I don't understand why they have to have donuts at every flipping meeting. Are we 3? Have something a little more grown up. Like muffins (ok I'd still want to eat those but it would be easier to avoid). 

So we bought the ingredients for nachos for Melissa's birthday from Costco. She had 2 friends show up so that means we have A LOT of nachos. I've been eating a heaping bowl every day. I'm pretty sure they are what contributed to my horrible run yesterday.

and my general stomach unpleasantness. 

So even though I've been counting the calories, they are so far from healthy it's ridiculous and I just need to STOP eating them. It's 9:40 and I haven't wanted them yet so I'm doing ok!!

I wanted to drink a lot of water today because it's decided to be warm again.

It was actually hotter at 7 when it was time for me to run. Last Wednesday when we ran I felt really dehydrated. 

I did better today until towards the end and then I started to get my "I'm too hot" headache that I get but I finished ok. I bought some of the nuun tablets today and had brought one in a water bottle (grape). 
They always have some of this drink for us after our long runs on Sundays. I took a few sips while I was running and then afterwards I drank the rest of my bottle and my headache is pretty much gone. Usually I get those and I'm a hot mess for the rest of the night. 

I really like the girl that was there today (and Sunday). She is super friendly and ran with me for about a lap (I think I did 11 if I counted right). Tonight our intervals were 13 minutes a little slower than you usually run, 20 minutes a little faster than you usually run, and 12 minutes slower again. To break it up she had us run a different direction each time we switched. Which helped me a TON. I didn't get nearly as bored this time.

Before I went running I spent some time with some ice on my shins. I have a tiny bit of shin splints and I'm hoping they go away. They actually didn't hurt while I was running. They do hurt a tiny bit right now but I'm going to ice them some more when I go to bed. 

To get my 105 squats done today I decided to do 20 each time I went to the restroom. Which was 5 times but I took this pic before I was done haha. The last one was on the way out when I left. 

Kind of goes hand in hand with drinking all that water.

I saw these few pictures on Instagram today. I am loaded up with following people who work out and are healthy (along with all my awesome fit camp friends #mlfc) . They seriously keep me motivated all day!

Isn't that the truth? Sadly some people don't ever realize that. "Things" are just that, stuff that you can live without even if you think you can't. The people in your lives are so much more.

And this one just cracked me up. I never used to flex but now I do it all the time. Side effect of working out so much I guess. 

Well tomorrow is Thursday, we're on the downhill decent to the weekend WOOT WOOT. 

One more run for the week tomorrow (36-40 minute easy run) and then my Zoo race on Sunday. I got my ribbon to make my hair bobber. Maybe I'll get it done tomorrow!

oh and PS I didn't eat any donuts! GO ME! Even left a beautiful cake one with sprinkles in the box :drool:

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Unknown said...

Nachos - my cryptonite :). You are rocking the running.

Melissa said...

have you tried compresson socks for those shins??? I love them!!!

Emily @ Running Like A Mother said...

Love the idea of breaking up the squats into bathroom breaks -- I'm doing the challenge too & I'm going to try that! And your post totally made me want nachos. But not in moderation. ;)

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Tommy Copper compression socks seem to help everyone I know.

I prefer muffins over donuts so we can switch. :-)

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