Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Dad's 65th Football Birthday Party

Saturday night we went over to my brother Joe's house to celebrate my (step) Dad's birthday. 

He is 65 this year. 

My sister in law did a great job (as usual) with the decorations! My Dad loves sports. I totally remember when I was a kid he'd be watching TV  have the radio on and be reading the sports section of the paper all at the same time. 

The kids did some swimming but I mostly just sat at the table and ate crap and drank some booze and hung out. I was bad and didn't care what I ate. I put most of it in Lose It later and I was only about 1000 calories over. Only. HA! 

Yes my Dad is wearing a Married With Children shirt. Too funny.  My brother put a trick candle on his cupcake and it kept re-lighting. 

I love my mom's face here, so fun!

We played a few games of Catch Phrase before we finally begged off to go home. I knew I had to get up nice and early for my 10 mile run in the morning. I crashed out in the car on the way home and then laid in bed thinking about my run in the morning for what seemed like forever. I think I finally fell asleep about midnight.
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