Tuesday, August 11, 2015

1st Day of 7th Grade

I can't believe that Trevor is in 7th grade already. After the torture of last year I'm kind of amazed he made it to 7th grade, lol but still. It seems like yesterday he was just starting school.

Goofy kid! He seemed in pretty good spirits when he got home from school so that's good. Probably because he didn't really have any homework!

Melissa goes back tomorrow. It's weird when the high school starts on a different day. Somehow they always end up having the same last day of school though.

On a side note, notice in his picture when he was little I hadn't planted the bushes along the side of the house yet? They sure do like it there! Very drought tolerant too, I hardly ever water them and they look great!
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V!ctor!a said...

I love how he is wearing pretty much the same shoes on his first day and his first day of 7th grade

Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Oh my goodness how time flies.
I love these types of chronicaled photos.
do you have every year in the same place?
That is so cool Julie.

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