Monday, August 10, 2015

Concert Night

Last month our friends Carolyn & Allen invited us to go to a concert with them at Ironstone Vineyards. We were like oh fun! So we went. The concert however, wasn't really my realm of music. It was REO Speedwagon and Boston. Which, just happens to be in that narrow time area of music that I don't know all that well. I grew up listening to the 50-60's music and then of course my era is more late 80's and on. I did know the more popular songs though! 

We started off the night by meeting up with our friends who were staying in their time share in Angels Camp. Scott and I are kind of wishing we had a time share lol. They have places all over that they stay in. Apparently he got a great deal off of Craigslist. I've stayed in the one in Tahoe and it was nice!

Then we went to El Jardin in Murphy's. When we walked in a group of people got up and left and told us they had been sitting there forever and hadn't even ordered yet. We had a lot of time to kill so we stuck it out but they definitely had the worst service I've seen since that time we went to Utah and walked out of the restaurant after ordering. 

This is our friends Allen & Carolyn. 

Group selfie picture :)- Those people in the background there were pissed that they got there first and we got our food before them. 


Margarita time!

The concert was out on the grass. You can bring your own chairs but they can't be too tall. They actually have someone standing at the entrance with a measuring stick. I'm glad our friends brought us a couple chairs to use!
Over all it was fun going to the concert but I won't be running out to buy Boston's new CD anytime soon. Their songs are SO LONG. I got up and walked to the porta potties, went to the bathroom, checked my phone, walked back and sat down and they were STILL playing the same song. Ok if you like instrumentals I guess!

Thank God Scott was driving because I fell asleep about Angel's Camp and woke up when we were almost to the freeway. Score for sleeping through the windy part of the drive that makes me car sick. If we do that again I'll try and book a place for us to stay WAY in advance (everything was booked up by the time I was checking it out).

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

What a fun night!

Annsterw said...

I am totally jealous! I loved (and still love) REO Speedwagons songs!!! Wow! What fun!

honkeie said...

I have been to numerous concerts that I would have never gone to if I had not been invited. But I love going out and having fun with friends. I once saw Scorpion and Jone Jet and the Heart breakers at this baseball field years ago. It was like a convention of their last remaining true die hard fans of NJ, it was sad. But I had a blast with all the acid washed shredded jean wearing bleached blond washouts who never let their youth go!

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