Saturday, August 22, 2015

Coming Back From The Dead

Well I'm on my way back from the dead.

Wednesday morning at work I kind of felt like I might be getting sick. I had the chills a bit and my throat was hurting. I took some Motrin and then I was fine. Until I went to Bingo. I had a drink and dinner and then I started feeling really bad. I left early and home to walk/ran my mile and then went to bed.

I had 101/102/103 fever for all of Thursday. Awesome. There went my run streak. Dead on day 360. I never would have thought I wouldn't make it to the one year mark but when you can barely walk to the kitchen running a mile sure isn't going to happen.

Friday morning I made a doctor's appointment since I was still running a fever and my tongue looked like this.

Yeah grody. I have "graphic tongue" so a lot of times it looks weird anyways but that was really bad.

I went to the doctor and cried a tiny bit in the waiting room because I felt like such shit. In hindsight it was probably because I had hardly eaten anything in the last couple days. There was an Indian man in the waiting room with me and he kept giving me nice sympathetic looks while I tried to pretend I wasn't falling apart.

So the doctor said I had a little pus pocket in the back of my throat (I don't have tonsils) and it could possible be strep so the antibiotics will take care of whatever infection it is.

I then drove immediately to Wendy's and ordered a vanilla Frosty. I swear I haven't had one of those in years but I had been craving it for the last day. It tasted fantastic and felt great on my throat. I went through the drive through pharmacy pick up and picked up my meds and now on Saturday morning I'm finally fever free although my throat is still hurting. I could really go for another Frosty ;)

Hopefully I'll be ok by tomorrow since I have plans to go see The Wizard of Oz movie with my friend, mom and Melissa along with some other people I think at the old movie theater in town. My friend Traci just loves The Wizard of Oz so it should be fun. So far today I've scooped the cat box and took the toilet brush to the toilet so I think I'm on the mend lol.Pin It

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