Saturday, January 16, 2016

Animal Love

Happy Saturday!

Originally I was going to go hiking today on Angel Island with  a bunch of people but then the forecast kept saying RAIN RAIN RAIN so I backed out of going and now the whole thing looks to be rescheduled for some other time. I've never actually been to Angel Island so I was looking forward to going.

So now today looks to be laundry day! I'm down to the fancy under ware so it's time lol. Melissa usually washes clothes but she's hasn't done it lately so now I'm stuck doing it I guess! Load two is in the washer now. One hundred to go!

I've been working on organizing my pictures on my computer so I can back them up and then take them off the computer (you know, just in case it decides to die soon). I know most of you that actually read here are animal lovers like me so here's my latest babies :)

Buster pulled my sweater off the back of the kitchen chair and covered himself up. So cute! I woke him up so he's got the angry eyes.

sweet baby

Doesn't Lucy look evil here? She's like why aren't you filling my bowl human!?

Because all of a sudden you are very large...

This cracked me up

This is Rusty at the foot of my bed in the morning. He sleeps under the covers.

Morning "talk" before the chase game

Ahhh never a cold lap around here

Time to change the laundry!  It's raining and windy out there. Sounds like a good day to watch movies.

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1 comment:

Chris H said...

Gorgeous animal photos. Do you have any of the puppies your daughter has? I'd love to see some.

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