Tuesday, January 5, 2016

This and That!

Just about caught up on my December pictures! Just a bit of miscellaneous left.

Melissa and I bought this Loom Kit to play with. After about an hour of using it I decided it was too boring and went and found my crochet hook.

Melissa discovered that wearing it like a crown isn't such a good idea haha. She's been making a bunch of hats and scarfs with it.

I made half a scarf and then ran out of yarn (finally got some but haven't got back to this one yet)

and this scarf

which I finally got the 2 buttons to finish it off but haven't actually worn out of the house yet.

Check out this tiny spider at work. My co-worker that used to sit next to me would freak out about these, too funny.

After a rainy walk

I found these at Rite Aid 2 days before Christmas. Do you think they are old or new?

My co-worker and I went to the flea market for lunch one day. These guys started singing and then came around wanting money when they were done. My friend cracked me up when she said "I'm not paying someone for forcing me to listen to them".

Another co-worker has this in his truck windshield.

Not sure if this video will work or not. Melissa got her wisdom teeth out on December 21st. She was sooo funny but didn't really want me to video her. 

Another person at work made me this pretty pointsetta

A stormy sky

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

did you make the one you're wearing in the picture?
and who cares if they are old? I'd eat cadbury eggs anyway. That is why I'm always gaining and losing 20lbs. :-)

Chris H said...

Those scarves are neat! When we move to Hamilton I will need mine as it's much colder in winter there. Ikkkk.... that's one thing I'm not looking forward to, massive frosts and all day fog. *sigh* But, if I want to live with me hubby, I must move eh?
That hat is funny!

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