Tuesday, January 19, 2016

One More Food Post

Korean Grilled Chicken Breasts is a Skinnytaste Recipe. All her recipes are very good and for the most part, lower calorie. These chicken breasts were very good. Not the normal dry icky chicken breast lol.  162 calories

and Summer Vegetable Tian. I've seen these recipes floating around for awhile so finally made it.It was really good! I imagine that if you had fresh out of the garden tomatoes it would be even better than these sad winter grocery store ones. 107 calories for 1/6th of the recipe.

One Pot Paprika Chicken Thighs. Oh my gosh this recipe is so good! This is the 2nd time I've made it and I ran out of paprika so subbed in a little chili powder and it was still delicious. Obviously this time I also used chicken legs instead of thighs (and skin removed). I was going to make another recipe with this meat and then realized it was supposed to marinate over night so here was plan b. This was 309 calories for the chicken and potatoes/carrot mixture all together. 

Petite Lasagnas. I've made these a bunch of times. Totally easy, the whole muffin tin meal which gives you the portion sizes and anything that uses wonton wrappers is fun! They are 181 calories each

Skinny Salisbury Steak with Mushroom Gravy and Skinny Garlic Mashed Potatoes is another Skinnytaste recipe. I always sub ground turkey for any ground beef recipe. No one ever knows the difference. I've made this recipe quite a few times and it's SO GOOD. The meat part is 218 calories and the potatoes are 132 for about 1/2 a cup.

Another Skinnytaste! I was going through her website looking for recipes one day. I've also made this recipe a few times. The picture looks like crap but is really good! Skinny Shepherds Pie is 287 calories for 1/6th the recipe.

Slow Cooker Chili with Black Beans and Corn. This is one of those recipes that looks SO GOOD on Pinterest. It doesn't disappoint! It comes out to 242 calories for 1/10th the recipe

Sometimes I don't use a recipe! I know, you wouldn't think that with all my recipes going on here lol. This is my basic beef stew that is loosely made off how my Grandma taught me. 274 calories I always like to have corn bread or corn muffins with stew. It just seems to complete the meal. I just use the cornbread recipe out of my old Better Homes and Garden's Cookbook. I've been buying the Bob's Red Mill Cornmeal. I just noticed when I was looking it up they have different consistencies like fine, med, coarse. I need to order some of the fine because sometimes I think it's too grainy. The corn muffins here are 140 calories each.

Taco cupcakes! I made some bean-less ones for the kids this time since they don't really like the beans in them. I keep having about half a pack of wonton wrappers left so then I look for another recipe with them to use them up. Then it's not going to be enough so I have to open a new pack. Not too bad of a problem I guess, since something good comes out of them! 128 calories

And last but not least, we have Turkey enchiladas. Which was actually a beef enchilada recipe that I of course changed. I always use La Tortilla Factory tortillas which cuts down the calories quite a bit! These were 213 calories for 1/10th of the recipe.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Now I'm hungry!! damn you Julie.

Chris H said...

FOOD PORN! I swear I'm drooling now. You make some really lovely looking/sounding meals Julie.

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