Monday, January 11, 2016

New Year Life

So along with the rest of the world I've started back on my fitness journey for the new year. Counting calories on the Lose It app and doing this running plan. Zero to Half Marathon. I don't even have a half marathon picked out I just feel the need to have a PLAN lol.

Scott is actually doing it with me so far. We start on week 2 tonight. He's already freaking out about the one minute change and OMG two minute change last week. Never mind he used to run 8 miles or so with me before. We just need to get back to it. I was really worried I wouldn't be able to run for two whole minutes the first day but I did it. All week!

I actually ended up GAINING 3 pounds the first few days of the New Year but now I feel like I'm finally on the right track and I have lost those 3 pounds haha. I swear our bodies are so weird sometimes! Back out of the 180's and GOD I hope I never go back up but all I have to do is eat the wrong thing and it will show up again tomorrow. I need a bit more distance from that number! That is probably what is helping fuel me to be better. I actually didn't eat any donuts at work today! Progress!

I signed up for a 10k that's probably going to kill me in 2 weeks but I figured I could walk it. Nothing wrong with walking. It will get me out of the house and I just donated almost all of my running shirts so I'll get one to start filling up my drawer again. (They hardly ever fit right)
Melissa finished her first super long scarf that she made with the loom kit we bought, it's super nice! She even changed colors. I know at least one of her teachers was talking to her about making them one lol.

Scott won this bike for ONE DOLLAR on eBay. Isn't that crazy? We had to drive about 3 hours round trip to get it but once we got home we rode it over to my friends house and back. I thought for sure it would need a tube in a tire or something. Nope! Of course he wants to fix it all up nice and was talking about maybe even selling it but I think it's super fun to have to ride around here.

New Years Day I never got dressed but I finished one scarf and made a whole other one! This is the first one I had started making and then ran out of yarn. I just "winged it" when I was making it (actually started one way and then tore it all out and then did another) I really like the colors.

This one I did this pattern. It was super easy and fast and I just used 3 skeins of yarn. It's chunky and warm and I love it! I think I want to make another one with the same kind of yarn (not sure what it was lol) but a different color.

I did try to do another kind of scarf but couldn't get the pattern figured out so after spending hours putting it in and taking it out I gave up and went with the above one.

I also spent the whole weekend while I was making those watching  Making A Murderer. If you haven't heard of that you probably live under a rock. It was SO interesting and I felt like I was probably totally annoying Scott by the last day I was watching it but I didn't care really. Did you watch it yet? Do you think he did it?

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Annsterw said...

You have just convinced me that I need to go buy a scarf loom-those are awesome!!! I am in love with the neutral chunky one! I am also back into running! Have to have surgery on my meniscus but I am waiting until the end of the year! Running like crazy until then!!! So glad to be back!!! You and Scott got this!!!!

Chris H said...

I love all the scarves! The bike is hilarious, I can so picture you two on it. That programme on the Murderer... have seen a tiny bit of it here... I don't think he did it. He was framed by the cops. But that's only my opinion, and as I said, I haven't seen the entire programme.
Trust YOU to remember about Gordon and the bangs! Don't worry, I doubt they will EVER get Keera now... they have pissed me off and upset me way too much over the past few days for me to let them have her now. But who knows, Lacy might at the end of the day give her to them?

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