Friday, March 4, 2016

Mardi Gras Party

February 6th we had a Mardi Gras Party at the clubhouse. It was a fund raiser for the soon to happen car show but the Entertainment Committee helped a bit with the planning and decoration. (Looking back I see I posted a little bit about this but here's more lol)

It was a lot of fun but I think they had it start too early. Originally they thought it would be cold and dreary since it's early February but it actually turned out to be a beautiful day. 

These two just looked awesome

Friend Bev

This lady is kind of crazy but she sure comes up with some great outfits lol

Ginny in her awesome dress and my friend Tom was the "leader" of the parade

Friend Sheila and her hubby

Sandy who was in charge

Traci, Tom and his mom

Traci and Paula

The hall

Silent auction table

Cake booth!

I won this picture my friend Ginny made at the silent auction

and this stuff :)

We went back and forth from the hall to the bar (they are all connected)


Traci having fun ;)

Bobby & Amanda, he's the current club President (until June) and Amanda runs the bar right now.

Out the back door of the club house while the party was getting started

Me and my hat that you can't really see. I spent about an hour decorating it lol

Winner of the "cross dressers" lol 

Cross Dressers Unite

Hanging out at the cake booth (didn't win any lol)

Super fun time :)
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