Saturday, March 5, 2016

Misc Pictures

All the miscellaneous pictures off my phone for February. Enjoy ;)

First week of no flour or sugar results:

My fitbit died, TG they are sending me a new one

Grandma, Me, my girls

Mic. He's hilarious and nasty.

The trees at work got a hair cut

New toilet seat! Finally lol (sent this to my mom telling her I got it just for her since she always tells me I need a new one)

When some old guy posts this on the school FB page lol (hacked much?)

Walking your mom through how to sign up on eBay via text message. Close to torture...

Poppies at work

Someone else's picture of a double rainbow over the club

My teeth at the dentist (2 cavities, extra deep cleaning and several hours of stress)

what happens when Scott forgets to put the garbage up

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