Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt

I helped out a bit again this year and went down and stuffed the Easter Eggs for the big egg hunt they do down at the campground for all the neighborhood kids.

Inappropriate laughter for packaged eggs.

After stuffing the eggs I may have went into the bar and ate a basket of these new "chips" they have in there along with a couple drinks with Scott.

Saturday I went down and took some pictures.

I didn't have any kids participating but wanted to put some pictures on the Club Facebook Page.

The "little kids" lined up

and they're off!

My friend Traci with her Grandson Marcus

The "middle age" kids. I watched one girl run all the way to the end and get a ton of eggs while the rest worked their way down there lol

and then finally the "big kids"

The Easter bunny arrived on the back of a golf cart

Kids got some "prize tickets" in some of the eggs

And free hot dogs!

The kids had a ton of fun and I got a little bit more sun to add to my base burn of the summer.

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