Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Bar Party!

Ack I'm sitting here refreshing the results of the election online while Scott flips the channels over and over watching anything BUT the election. Being on the other side of the spectrum of politics in the same household is STRESSFUL.

So I'll work on my next post ;)

After the Trunk or Treat we came home for a little bit to relax and then went over to the bar party. All this party. PARTY PARTY PARTY life is rough. But I was actually REALLY tired from running around all morning. I thought for sure I wouldn't make it that long. But we ended up mostly just sitting outside chatting all night.

They did have a costume contest but we didn't win. Obviously haha. The only pictures I took there were while we ate and then the costume contest.

These were the 2 sets of winners. One was for best costume and one was for most original or something like that. 

Next year I need to work on our "couple's theme" again. It was weird not matching this year lol.

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