Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Trunk or Treat

WARNING,.. picture heavy post!

We did "trunk or treat" down at the campgrounds again for our little community. We started it a bit earlier this year since last year it got too dark to see all the kids costumes. Personally I think we started it a bit too early this year and suggested we do it an hour later next year. 

We had it the Saturday before Halloween, which someone posted on our little community Facebook page like WTH Halloween is supposed to be on the 31st. I was like WTH it's a free party for your kids you should be happy. Only nicer, kind of. 

I went down around 9? I think it was to help decorate a bit. There wasn't all that much to do because we had a bunch of people and no one wants to mess things up so they all wait around waiting for some direction. 

I was standing around supervising when the boys rode by. My mom was out for the weekend which meant Trevor was over there the entire time hanging out with his cousin Tony.

Hanging a guy in a tree. A fake guy that is. Much harder than you would think. Also, see me doing a good job supervising here?

After an hour or so I begged off to go home and work on my stuff some more. This was my inspiration for my trunk. 

This is how it was going... F&cking wind taking off with my crepe paper. Like how the heck does their's look so nice? If you squint you can see the wind took my entire roll while I was holding one end and TP'd my whole yard. 

Well obviously that wasn't working out. I ended up making something up by hanging it on the shower curtain rod in the bathroom. That was much easier without the wind. 
While I was getting ready Scott wants me to go to town with him at 1:00. The party starts at 4:00, I'm supposed to be down there at 3:00. I'm like I can't go with you to town, I don't have time! He was so annoyed with me that I wouldn't go with him since I had ALL that time still. (it takes 1/2 an hour to get to town). Eventually he went without me and went looking for a costume all last minute like and got some stuff to take to the potluck at the bar later. He showed up looking all cute right before the Trunk or Treat started. 

This gal had made this nice sign and of course it fell over right before the even started. I stood out and held it for awhile then she came and took over. Doesn't she look just perfect in her ghost costume by the spooky old tree?

Me not looking very mermaid like (although everyone liked my pants) & Shiela 

The table all set up with prizes

and then people started showing up! Here are the trunks (and a couple golf carts) that were decorated

These people just had a game booth, so fun!

and my sad looking trunk.

Mr. "I'm not going to dress up because you won't go with me" but now I look cute.

My friend Traci (so weird seeing people in wigs lol)

Perfect costume for Bev lol (no idea what's in her hand)

Wizard of Oz crew

niece Adrian

Robert & Adrian and a friend's little girl

This is Marian who just had her 90th birthday. She's in my book club and that's her great-granddaughter who asked me to take a picture of them kissing after this, so cute.

Wine o'lantern

Some people took their RV's down to the campground. I finally got to go in this baby! All the vintage love!  Bev & Ginny went halves on it and actually bought it from my uncle of all people.

The "black widow" and the tin man.

It was a pretty successful event with minimal work and everyone seemed to have a great time!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

So funny to see it warm out at Halloween.
Looks like a great time as you always have. :-)

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