Thursday, November 24, 2016

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I'm making an extra turkey to take to my brother's house this afternoon (dinner is at 4), cauliflower and a peanut butter pie. Easy easy!

One of my friends said she doesn't cook meat with bones. I was like what? lol. That is the strangest thing I've ever heard.  People have such weird food issues. I'm amazed at how many people think that cooking a turkey is difficult. Or just cooking in general I guess!

Are you going black Friday shopping? With all this online shopping these days it amazes me that people still go out and do that. I will be at work. I'm sure it will be crickets there since most people will be off that day so they assume everyone else is.  I actually have a bit of work to do so I will enjoy the quiet lol. Maybe I'll listen to some Christmas music since most people in the office took the day off too haha.

I have a bunch of posting to catch up on again! Seems to work well for me to just do a bunch of catch up and scheduled posts when I have the time and want to blog :)  I hope you all have a fantastic Thanksgiving with no annoying relatives ;)Pin It

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Chris H said...

Emmm... what meat doesn't have bones? I'm racking my brain trying to think of something! Eeels? Snails? Ha ha, my Mum just said :Steak, sausages... and so on". Derrr, I was thinking of the whole ANIMAL. lol I hope your Thanksgiving went well.

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