Friday, November 11, 2016

October Randomness

It's time for the "end of the month" randomness from when I empty out my pictures from my phone.

They had a big trash round up weekend out in our community. We MAY have went over and took out all the bikes and a few other things. Scott has already fixed one up for my niece. He was working on some more of them last weekend. Saved from the landfill ;)

Check out this site on Instagram. This gal takes Brats dolls and takes off all their make up and makes them look like normal little girls. Interesting.

We suddenly have a bunch of teenager kittens hanging around. I think my next door neighbor maybe be feeding them. A lot of people have been taking all the strays in and getting them fixed so hopefully these are too. I told them they can hang out in my yard if they catch the gophers.

Isn't this a cool table? I saw it at the thrift store. They had a $300 price tag on it though. Uh you're a thrift store not a boutique...

The proof of Melissa's yearbook picture. So pretty!

Jess is in North Carolina and they got a LOT of rain from that hurricane. She missed one day of work because all the roads to work were flooded.

Stolen picture of my nieces and nephews at the pumpkin patch. 

A card I made for my 90 year old book club friend

Marian on the left and Joan on the right at Marian's birthday party

Adrian and Melissa at my friend Traci's house.

Melissa loves her books

This is what happens when it rains in California

This picture makes me laugh

Scott has an ongoing war with the recliner. It keeps breaking and he keeps fixing it.

and I'll leave you with a beautiful sunset.

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