Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Another Little Dress Simplicity 8145

Continuing on my crazy sewing spree, I decided to make this cute pattern, Simplicity 8145 (another one I picked up at the $1 pattern sale). I went through my stash and decided to use these fabrics. The one on the left and the bottom are (were) pillow cases to upcycle and the other fabric with the big mod flowers I had got from someone's fabric destash on a Facebook group.

After I cut the pattern out I decided I didn't like the stripes. That was after spending A LOT of time matching up the stupid pattern too!  I actually kind of pinned it all together before sewing it and decided the stripes just didn't work. I set it aside to get that little vest done for Robert and then went back to it on Saturday.

I found a solid piece of fabric in my stash that worked well so used that instead of the stripes for the side and then used the big flowers for the back. The pattern is a little weird because it has the bodice part and the side parts as one piece and then the little apron like area is another. I decided I didn't want the bodice the same as the sides so I did a little bit of a change to the pattern.

And then when I was done I made the button holes and pulled the fabric through for the knots and they looked just like little boobies sticking out of the front of the dress. GAHH! I think I put the button holes just a little too low. So I decided to go with plan B and put actual buttons on the straps. That's a bit better.

But then after looking at it I think I'm going to take those buttons off and then loop the strap through and have them button onto themselves. Kind of like this.

When I get done making 100 mug cozies (or so) then I will come back to this one and change the buttons up. I can see quite a few little mistakes on this one. Whoops! If I make the pattern again I'll know what to watch out for right?

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Chris H said...

The dress is darling, you just put the button holes too low. Lesson learnt, you won't make that mistake again I bet.

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