Sunday, February 19, 2017


If you watch our local news or read the paper you will think my entire neighborhood is under water and the levee is about to give out at any moment and we are all going to die. It's crazy!!

Yes the river is high but it's no where near "going over the top" as all the news is reporting. They are using pictures from 20 years ago at the gun range on the other side of the levee from saying how we are in danger of flooding. Uh that's not even here? It's crazy!

They are doing 24 hour levee walks to check for boils, gopher holes etc. Around the clock teams walking looking for trouble. Which is fine but still a bit over kill I think at the moment. I went with my parents yesterday since they signed up for a walk. Oh look! A little puddle in someone's back yard (it rained a few days ago). It's all so blown out.

They are posting evacuation pictures on the local newspaper website for us. Um, why would I need to evacuate? Everyone is just FREAKING OUT.

I think I annoy my mom because I'm like eh, it's fine! A friend sent me a message that said she read we are in danger of our levee breaking. Yeah no. They did find a small boil last week but it's all sandbagged up and nothing is coming out. The river has even went down since then so it's not really an issue.

Reminds me of Chicken Little and the "the sky is falling!"

Back in 2011 I posted this picture when the river was getting high. It's really not all that much lower than it is now. The difference? NO ONE talked about it. Weird isn't it?

Here are my pictures from our levee walk

yep, river is totally "going over the top" here

 here too

I took this pic of the quail, but on the left is where they put some plastic to shore up the levee a bit. There were some vertical "lines" in the soil there, so just a precaution. Also, the water isn't even touching the plastic area.

Bunnies! Since the "boonies" (area behind the levees that is usually a playground lol) is all flooded they are all over.

This is the road out to the boonies.

Yes, the river is up, but this is what this area is meant for. It's an over flow area.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Julie, I hope you are the one that is right.
The news is so doom and gloom I thought you had built an ark.

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