Friday, February 24, 2017

First Real Craft Show

February 11th I did my first real craft show. Of course the weather didn't cooperate as much as she could have and it was super windy. And cold! But I learned a lot and sold enough to at least pay for my booth space and some lunch from the taco guy with a couple dollars left over lol.

My Mom and Melissa went with me. I had probably the best spot, right when you walk in from the parking lot! Too bad the weather kept more people from coming.

I ended up making "straps" out of ribbon to hold my cozies down. The wind would come up and WHOOSh they'd be on the ground. Thinking I would like to get some of those clear plastic riser things to set things up. I just used one of my boxes here.

Here is the other side

The wine totes flew off the table several times too. (there's mom back behind the table lol)

The booth next to me was selling bows, they had some great ideas for set up

So things I learned:

When booking a craft show, make sure it's a place easily visible from the road or has a lot of signage and/or advertising. This place was off the road at a golf course and had a tiny little sign out by the road.

Bring ropes and or bungie cords. Also maybe some kind of weights to hold down the canopy.

A longer table cloth would be nice so you could put all your stuff under the table and people wouldn't be able to see it.

Wind sucks.

I am signed up for another craft show on March 18th. That one has a lot of advertising and is on a busy corner so it should be better!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I hope you sold a lot. Do you have an Etsy site to see your stuff on?

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