Friday, February 24, 2017

Sick Day

Guess who is home sick. Ugh scratchy throat and stuffy nose. The kids are also home sick with the same.

So far I've taken a shower, had 2 cups of coffee and did the kids Fafsa. I should have finished my coffee first because I put Melissa's name backwards when I made her ID so now I have to wait a couple days for it to clear with the correct way. But for the most part they are done.

Ok going to work on some blog updating! I really need to put away all the clean clothes I just dumped out on my bed looking for a clean pair of undies but I have the rest of the day to get that done right? Procrastinators UNITE!

Oh and BTW the river levels are still fine and we are still dry. The water in the river actually went down a bit yesterday. Funny how all the news was saying how it was going to go up a ton and it didn't.

I feel so mentally drained from all the news and stress in our neighborhood.Pin It

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