Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Easter Part 2

Ok Easter morning we slept in a bit and then it was go time! Clean clean clean. Totally went with the "good enough" cleaning since it was so nice outside (minus a little wind).

The bouncy house I ordered came around noon.

Then Scott went and got his mom and sister around 1:30.

Everyone came around 2 and I was still trying to peel the GD eggs that didn't want to peel for deviled eggs. Always the way!  I was so glad when I was finally done with those. I forgot to take a picture of the food table.

Scott's mom with a few grandchildren and greats :)

and with Scott and his sister

Sister in law Suzie rocking the hula hoop

my cushions I covered late Saturday night :)

Cake for all my kids since I owed Trevor one and he didn't have a party.  His bday is 2/28, Melissa's is next week 4/8 and Jessica is 4/29. Usually Easter falls in between the girls birthdays so we always just make it one big family party/Easter so everyone doesn't have to come over 3 times.

After all the family left we had big kid time with the new fire pit we got


Stayed up way too late but it was a fun busy day!

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