Friday, April 20, 2018

I can see! And wear sunglasses!

ok ok Lens Crafters doesn't suck TOTALLY. I went in and got my contact lens trials and the only thing that was bad was the long wait. Three o'clock appointment and it was about 4 when I got out of there. The fancy eye doctor didn't send over the report on my eyes and the LC guy was like "did they do a lumbar puncture". Oh God no they didn't. I'm thinking he really thinks I have MS. Please God let the fancy doctor be right. Now I'm still a bit nervous for when I go back to that place.

In the mean time at least now I have some lenses to wear and a prescription to fill. It was nice of him to give it to me while I was there so I don't have to go back "unless they aren't working". I think I'm almost used to the new prescription. Both my eyes are different scripts again so that means $$$ since I have to get the stupid Toric lenses. Why can't I have nice normal body parts?

I've been trying all week to get my big stack of mug cozies that I have been working on FOREVER finished. I finally got them all done last night but I was too tired to take pictures. I have a small bag I want to try and get done (started lol) tonight so I can have it done for the train guys at my craft booth tomorrow. They have a business with trains in their logo. One of the guys asked me to make this bag like 2 craft shows ago. I had cut one out with newer trains but then I found some nice older train fabric.  Back to square one on that one lol.

I also have been meeting with the car guy a few times. He wants me to make some grocery like tote bags and then his design for a little duffle bag/man purse. Aye yi yi. I picked up a pattern similar to what he wants so I can follow the steps to make it even if I don't use the actual pattern. I'm not that good  that I can just whip things out lol.

So tomorrow I'm doing another craft show at the same place. I never unpacked/repacked my stuff from last week. The tables and tent are even still in my car. I did get Scott to bring my totes in the house for me though. I was going to do an inventory of everything on paper.  Going to. Yeah. So maybe I'll either do that tonight or tomorrow when I'm setting up. That might be easier. There are usually some slow times that I can do that.

I walked down to the flea market for lunch today and bought three large bags of fabric/trims/someone's handmade cards I didn't see in there for $15. I then had to carry all that back to work. Next time maybe I'll drive lol. Although part of the reason I walked was to get more exercise. I just got a new Fitbit to motivate me to get off my duff a bit more. I definitely got my exercise carrying those bags back!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

I'm not certain I understand the eye stuff. I may have to go back and see older posts. I don't recall a lumbar puncture being discussed. Anyway, glad you can see!!

Sounds like you making these marketing materials for the car guy could be a new business.
Would you like to do this full time?

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