Sunday, October 21, 2018


Yesterday I drove to Fresno to do this event

Fresno is a bit far away but the gal that was running it sought me out on Facebook and gave me a really good deal on the event fee. My cousin lives close by so I was like it would be nice to see her too if she could make it over. My mom went with me. The plan was to leave around 6 (left at 6:20). I had to stop and get gas since I forgot to do that Friday night and then we made another stop for coffee and a breakfast sandwich so we rolled in around 8:30. I never did fully finish putting everything up but it was good enough lol.

The person to the right of my booth never showed up so that was nice for more space for me. There was a little walkway to a bathroom on the left so I was able to set up my favorite way.

The weather was perfect with just a nice breeze, I was in the shade all day which was awesome.

This is my cousin Courtney and her family. Courtney is my mom's brother Ronnie's oldest daughter.

First cousins (like my hat? lol)

The event wasn't very busy. I probably sold the most to other vendors. I think when they set these things up they really need to focus on the location. Also, more handmade stuff less direct sales.

These picture are early on so there was more people out there after that, just took some to show the set up.

Another thing that would be nice is the organizers to come over and welcome you, ask if you need anything, tell you where the bathroom is etc. 

I had several people ask me to do other events in the area, but it's too far to drive.

Over all I didn't do too bad, enough that it was worth it to go, and I did have a nice time hanging out with my cousin and seeing her kids, oh and mom too of course!

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

As always your booth looks awesome.
You should tell someone when you sign up about that great idea of welcoming and telling you where this and that is. Even if it were handed to you when you get all the other stuff to set up from them. You're a smarty pants. :-)

Annsterw said...

It would be cool if they had a suggestion box for future events. Then you could really give your feedback...I am glad yo at least got to enjoy time with your Mom and cousin and made enough to make it worth begin there! You are sooo crafty; you make soo many cute things!!!

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