Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Random Bits and Bobs

Well I should be sewing or cooking dinner but instead I paid bills and read blogs. I guess those were both productive too.

I have spent all my free time getting ready for the big Lodi Street Fair this Sunday. I have a ton of mug cozies in process that I need to finish up and then I think I'm going to call the production side of things good. Maybe.

Here's a few recent pics, I'm way behind on sharing pictures here although I haven't done anything too exciting. Work, Book Club was Sunday, Bingo every Wednesday, Bunco last Monday, you know, not much.

So at work there is a big court yard and in the middle is an oak tree. Today I was walking by and was like holy cow look at all the acorns! I think I'm going to collect some from there (I was going to do it today at lunch then forgot) and some of the cup shells. I think the shells would be pretty on a wreath.  Might be fun to start some little oak trees too.

I actually cooked last night! Stew! Although it wasn't really cold enough for it yet but I love it. (yes that's ketchup, don't judge!)

My little book case at work. I got the pumpkin 2 weekends ago when my mom and went to a couple crafty type show things. Actually I got all the little pumpkins there. The white pot I got for admin assistant's day (shock, first time ever getting anything for that) and the can one used to have more and be cuter when I bought it in the summer at a craft show I was at. Those need to be re-potted.

Here is a rag wreath I made to sell. I have one more frame so maybe I will make a 2nd one but they make my nose stuffed up from ripping all the fabric. I was trying to the link for the page I used before that said how long to make the strips but couldn't find it. I ended up making them 1" x 6" (started with bigger but I didn't like how long they are). I just pulled out fabrics from my stash to use up. Seems a bit busy in the pictures but I like it in person and if it doesn't sell I'll just hang it on my door lol.

Well lucky me Trevor started making dinner so more time to blog.

I think I have made up my mind that I am not going to apply for the other position at work when they advertise it. UNLESS they make it so it pays more than my current position. I don't see the point of changing positions for a lot more stress if I'm not going to get paid more. Plus I like what I do now.  When I'm not sharing it with 2 other people.

Starting next week we have to do this time cycle study thing again where you basically have to log every minute of your day and say what you did. FOR THREE WEEKS.  It looks like we are going to do this about once a quarter. The last time we did it I just stopped doing it the 2nd week. I was like eh what are they going to do, fire me? But now I've actually seen someone get fired (not for that though) so who knows maybe they would!

Also now we are having to do this online training/quiz thing. It sounds like they are maybe going to combine 3 agencies. One of the agencies is in our office and I worked with them and get in their files so I know what they do, but the other one I didn't even know what it was. So that's fun learning all what a whole agency does in 10 short pages and then being quizzed on it. Like I'm going to remember all those government acronyms and which loan is called what and how long it is.

Basically farmers have to buy about 50 different kinds of insurance. What a mess. Sounds way too stressful to be a farmer.

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Margaret (Peggy or Peg too) said...

Funny about the stew, I told Rick I wanted stew, just hankering for it.
It was 88 degrees yesterday and he said, not yet!
So I didn't make stew. Stuffed peppers instead. :-)

Annsterw said...

That stew looked delicious!! Now I have to crank out the crock pot and make myself some!! That may be my next weeks lunches!! Thanks for the inspiration! Have a great weekend!!!

Chris H said...

I put tomato sauce on stew too! And I love the wreath... might even try making one myself. What frame did you use?

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