Friday, January 21, 2022


 Good morning happy I'm not logged in for work Friday!

OMG I started going through the boxes in my sewing/crafting/office room. My original goal was just to go through one box. I did, got rid of that one, then over the course of the day I ended up going through ALL the boxes. I am down to one big plastic tote box and a bunch of stuff lol. I was so into it I was up until 1am going through stuff. 

This was my progress picture at one point yesterday, all proud of myself for getting rid of 2 boxes.

This is what I started with this morning minus the one box on the left. When I woke up I was like wtf am I saving all this crap for. I keep telling myself I'm going to put it on Etsy but I am not going to put this all on Etsy lol. So I'm going through it again (organized it all last night by themes) and only saving stuff I really want to keep and maybe sell if I don't use it myself. So far I've got 2 of those square boxes full to put out for free/donate.


much crap

I did pause to feed the cats and make dinner last night. I made these Pizza Logs, they are good but I wish I had gave myself some more pizza sauce to dip them in lol. Too lazy to get back up ;)  Tonight we are having stew since that is the only meat left in the freezer. I need to make another menu and go shopping tomorrow probably. 

Sometime between now and the end of the month I need to figure out all my sales stuff for last year. I was horrible at keeping track of stuff last year, mostly because I didn't do much. Just a slow trickle on Etsy and a couple craft shows. I keep getting emails to get my CA sales tax stuff submitted so I guess I should do that soon. 

Ok more sorting and purging!! I'm excited to get all these boxes out of here. I am going to have to find somewhere to put what's left in that last tote box so I can be large tote free lol.

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Thursday, January 20, 2022


Good morning, happy Friday eve! 

At the end of last year/beginning of this year, I can't remember exactly when they gave us a free day off to take whenever we want before January 29th so I'm taking tomorrow off. I'll probably be sick all day but I have the day off lol. I've been doing a little couch with some chest tightness. Fun. TG nothing too bad, mostly just annoying.

I finished this bag yesterday. I love the colors! I got all my recent projects listed on Etsy last night. Started them a bit higher since anything over $35 has free shipping. Figured I can always come back down or put them on sale. 

I'm pretty much out of batting so I have to wait until I'm not feeling sick to go to Joann's and get some more so onto some other project. 

This was breakfast/lunch yesterday and the day before, yummy! I ended up having extra calories left over last night because I didn't eat breakfast until lunch time.

Dinner was Petite Lasagnas I think I should have left them in the oven just a bit longer to crisp up the wontons a bit more but they were still good. My new oven is not as hot as my old one and I have to cook stuff a bit longer than a lot of recipes say.

When Scott went to the grocery store on Tuesday this was the cat food aisle.  I've been getting cat food delivered monthly from Amazon but apparently I should be on a 3 week schedule instead of 4 since they are almost out. I was like oh just grab a couple cans of tuna they all love that lol. The 3 cats get 1/2 of a can split between them 2x a day. I had started that for some reason and now we can never stop lol.

This was the top ramen/cup of soup section when we went last weekend. Scott said it was still the same when he went. Only beef left, so weird. I looked on the wrapper of the ones we got (Trevor wanted some) to see where they were made and it is in Irvine, CA so not like they have to go far to get here. Must be sick people in the manufacturing plants or something.

I sent this to my mom last night to send to her BFF, they both got a kick out of it. My mom's friend has always had dachshunds. 

Today's plan is to do some laundry. I'm scared to go out to the garage it's been that long since I've went out there lol. Down to the icky pants and under ware and almost out of towels so guess I'll just have to be brave.

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Wednesday, January 19, 2022


Good morning happy Hump Day!

I finished this bag yesterday. I LOVE how it turned out with the denim strips. I am going to be a hoarder of denim I can see it now haha. I made this bag a little big narrower than the pattern I use. If I had it to do over again I'd make the bottom boxed area a bit smaller and shorted the length of the bag but overall it is still a good size.

 I had pulled out the 2nd denim top I had made to maybe cut up but I kind of like it since it is more of pattern than the other one was so I might just finish that one off into a throw blanket. I think some fleece would be nice on the back.  Or Maybe I'll just make it a bag of it's own. Hmmm. Oh hey by the way these denim quilt tops came out of that box I keep saying I need to clean out, one way to do that ;)

Now I am working on this cute cat panel. I have to see if I have enough batting to do the back side and the straps. If not I'll have to add that to my someday when I go to Joann's list and find something else to do haha.

Dinner last night was SO GOOD and super easy.  The recipe is a Skinnytaste one, baked chicken breast, which normally I'd say blah but these were actually good.  The recipe has you put your herbs together and rub them on but that didn't seem to go far so I just took my containers and sprinkled them all on, much better and easier for next time.

I am down another .8 this morning which is super exciting. Almost out of the 190's woohoo. 3.8 more pounds to go.

Here is Tina not being a very helpful co-worker yesterday. She kept getting all in my business. I am really going to miss the animals when I have to go back to the office all day. Which sounds like it might happen next month. Literally everyone I know either has covid or their family member does right now so it seems like a great time to all go back in the germ poll of an office for 8 hours a day.  Maybe once we have all got it it we'll be done? One can hope. I started coughing a little big last night and am still doing it this morning. Hoping it's just a little cold. Jess and Daniel were negative for covid yesterday and I was with her last week when she had a cold so I'm thinking I have a touch of hers.

My aunt posted this picture of my Princess (now named Minnie). Isn't she so beautiful! I can't believe how dark she got. All grown up.

I spent all day working on one application yesterday (for the most part) so I have a few emails to catch up on today plus work on another large project. I will be busy all day I think. It makes the work day go by faster so that is always good! Ok off to tackle that!

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Tuesday, January 18, 2022


Good morning happy back to work Tuesday!
Trevor is also home today playing on his new computer he bought himself. That means that soon I can take all his game crap off my computer woohoo. I'm sure it will speed up tremendously.

OMG I've had so much fun playing with this stuff this weekend.

Here is my finished Sunny Bag. I love it and if no one wants to buy it I'll just keep it forever.

and here is the next one I've been working on. I could have just stayed up and finished it last night, it's close to being done but it was like 11 so thought I should go to bed. Then I laid there and couldn't fall asleep for an hour and a half.

The strips were all done before I just cut them down/joined them together. Just need to sew the 2 sides together, do the bottom boxing and the top section top stitching and it will be done. I made this one a bit narrower so we'll see how it turns out when it's all sewn together.

Last night's dinner was Kung Pao Chicken minus the snow peas because the store didn't have any and minus the cashews because I forgot to buy them lol. This is one of our favorites that I make all the time. I cut down on the red pepper flakes on this one too. I was going to make something else but when I was reading the directions it was like soak it for 1 hour. Uh yeah so we'll have that today lol.

I lost the rest of the Chinese food weight so glad I've recovered from that. Getting into to the low 190's, I can't wait to be back to the 180's haha. Never thought I'd say that again. Sigh. 

I'm just going to have to be on a diet for my entire life so I'm not a round chubby ball. I wouldn't really care but I don't want my insides to give up on me because I like to eat crap. Sucks.

Today I have a scratchy throat. Please God don't let me get sick again. Yesterday I cleaned the windows in my room which had mold on them. Obviously that wasn't helping me and also explains why sometimes I'd wake up feeling sick but I'd feel better throughout the day. Just need to clean the big glass door now. I need to remember to check those more often in the winter. Old houses are fun. The windows are "new" but that new is 20 years ago now. It's amazing how fast those years go by for stuff that cost a lot of money haha.

Ok off to do some more work, the new girl was driving me nuts this morning and I have to keep reminding myself she doesn't know how things work so I just need to explain it and be nice :):):)


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Monday, January 17, 2022


Good morning happy no work Monday! Woohoo! 

So we had my  mom's party on Saturday and Sunday morning my sister in law texted me that Emma tested positive for Covid. So yeah. Now we've all been exposed. Lets hope we all don't get it. I'm glad my kids couldn't make it to the party. She wasn't looking sick at all at the party so it is crazy how the kids come down with it so quick. So far no one else in their house is sick. Between that and Jess and the baby having a cold last week I'm playing do I need to dust or am I dying while I drink a bunch of Emergen C. 

I finished my little St. Patrick's Day Mug Rugs, I'm going to put them on Etsy soon. Who knows if they'll sell but I did something with the little fabric pieces haha. 

I had some little St Patrick's Snoopy pieces I was going to work on but decided I didn't want to and put them away for another day. 

I have these little panels I bought off someone on Facebook. I think she makes them herself. I pulled them out again to decide what to do with them. I picked this one to work on and did some machine quilting on it.  Look how pretty the back of the panel is after quilting it up. I kind of want to get a sewing machine that is made to do that now.  I really enjoy it.

Way back when I deconstructed a bunch of Scott's old jeans and made a quilt top (actually 2 of them) but never finished it and I have been thinking of cutting it up for bags. I finally did it. I sewed along all the seams and I like it! Just need to cut out the straps and figure out what I want for the lining and do that part. I wish I had kept the pockets and stuff but I think I threw them out. Might have to look through my boxes one more time to make sure I did. I'm only putting batting where the picture is since the denim is heavy enough without it.

Dinner last night, sheet pan teriyaki ginger sesame chicken. Minus the ginger that I didn't have lol. I only used 1/4 of the red pepper flakes because I'm over all these too spicy recipes. Sheesh. It was plenty warm without burning me up.

Also had this salad, It was good

Today is officially 2 weeks since I started back counting calories and I am down 6.8 pounds. I'll take it! I was able to wear a pair of jeans to my mom's birthday that were way too tight not that long ago. I had actually gained about 10 more pounds then where I started 2 weeks ago when we were first staying home and everything was locked down.

I saw this on Instagram and kind of cracked up. If you don't know fruit is vegan I don't think you should be vegan.. just saying.

And the most exciting thing about today!! This car finally left the yard!! I'm so happy!  Now to work on getting rid of the boat lol.

Ok off to read some blogs! Have a good day!

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Sunday, January 16, 2022


Good morning happy Sunday! I'm glad I have tomorrow off too :)

Lunch at my brother's house was nice and I only gained 1/2 a pound haha. Look at the nice set up they made, so pretty!

Singing happy birthday

Vincent and Little Joe, these kids are getting big fast

Dad and Adrian, she's hard to get a picture of these days

Emma and Ava (can you feel the preteen vibes?)

And Stella who is going to be a year old soon! She was such a cutie and let me hold her forever without crying.

We stayed until almost 5 then we went to the grocery store before going home. Last time it was the salad aisle this time it was the cup of soup/top ramen that was wiped out. So weird!  Probably some shortage of workers somewhere along the line. 

I ended up eating some left overs at like 8 for dinner. 

I worked on the rest of the little leprechaun pieces but got too tired to finish them up.  I have 4 more to build up and then all to do the top stitching and backs.

This cracked me up, 2-3 am is my time I wake up a lot, definitely have opened my phone to full blindness before.

Today's plan is to take out the dog who is staring at me (oh just kidding Scott is taking them out) and then work on my little leprechauns some more. Not sure what I'll get into once those are done. 

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Saturday, January 15, 2022


 Good morning happy Saturday! I slept in until a glorious 9:30 this morning. Although I was up at 3 something when Rusty wanted to go out.

Still never got groceries, Jess cleaned out her freezer the other day and brought some stuff over.  I opened this pack for lunch and was like that's so weird they are 2 different sizes. I sent the picture to Jess and she said she combined two packs lol. I ate the big ones and ended up tossing the little ones so I wouldn't eat them all (home alone lol)

I ended up watching the baby for a couple house so we had hodge podge casserole for dinner.

I ran out of the little bags I was putting my mug rugs in after fixing up the pictures so I stopped that project (just have holiday ones left anyhow) and did some cleaning up. I found my hoard of empty thread spools (in two locations) and put them all together, sorted and listed to my other Etsy shop for sewing supplies. I was surprised I sold something already this morning! $6 for trash, I'll take it! Love that people will use these for crafts and keep them out of the landfill.

I also found a whole bin of beading stuff. Jess has been into playing with beads so I pulled them out for her to use what she wants. I traded it over to a cardboard box for her to take so I have another empty small bin woohoo. 

Look at this beauty! For the first time that I've noticed an outside cat was paying attention to my inside cats lol. Tina was going crazy talking to this one through the window. I sent a picture to my neighbor and she said it is one of the kittens from last year that looked like my little Princess (bottle fed baby). So this one is not fixed yet :( I wish I could just grab them and take them in but they are mostly feral (neighbor feeds them). 

My mom had mentioned wanting to see what I came up with for some St Patrick's Day mug rugs so I pulled out what I had for St. Patrick's fabric. I vaguely remember cutting these all apart last year while doing masks and then putting them in a bag. They are so cute! I went through and pulled out my scraps/small pieces to see have out to work with.

and here is a finished set for her birthday present :)
I have enough little cut outs to do one more set. Then I have some cute dog St Patty's fabric too so I might do a set with those. I pulled out some Valentine's fabrics too to play with if I don't get bored of them.

We are going to my brother Joe's house for my mom's birthday party at 1:00 today. Chinese food so I am nervous I'm going to gain weight from it. This is where I'm like does counting calories make me turn into having an eating disorder? I'm still going to eat it but won't be piling my plate high ;) So far I'm down 7.4 pounds so that's exciting to see progress!

Scott went to get his truck smogged. Hopefully it passes. Every time he has to do this he says he's going to sell it but he never does lol. OHH and he brought home a trailer to take away the piece of shit car that's been in our yard for like 10 years!! If it actually leaves I am going to be SO EXCITED!! I've been trying to get him to get rid of it for years. He originally brought it home to work on for some guy then the guy never gave him any more money to work on it so it just sat here forever. I kept pressuring him to get rid of it the last couple years and then his boss bought it from the other guy and started paying for him to fix it up. He's done a bit here and there but it is nowhere near looking like a full car. Plus a I think a bunch of crap for it is in the shed too. That would be nice to get that out of there.

Ok need to take a shower in a few minutes and figure out what to wear. I probably should have washed some clothes! Luckily I have mostly been wearing sweats and stuff I wouldn't wear out anyways haha.

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