Saturday, January 31, 2009

Catch up

Friday morning I went to my friend's house to scrapbook. Around lunch time I heard my phone with a voice mail message. I had 3 messages even though my phone never rang? I called and listened to them and it was the school calling that Trevor was sick, my brother calling (he's on the emergency list) and Scott calling (also because the school called him at work). So I talked to my brother and he was going to get him since he was closer. I packed up my stuff, my friend made my lunch to go and I rushed home to meet my brother. When I was almost home I passed my brother. He had JUST left to go get him. I think he'd had at least an hour from the time the school called. Obviously I was NOT HAPPY. I flipped around and he pulled over. He had his new girlfriend with him. AHHH that's what the deal was! So I yelled at him, "YOU ARE JUST LEAVING???" and he said yeah. and I yelled "WHAT! WERE YOU GETTING A NOONER!?!?!" and drove off to the sound of him laughing. Later I opologized lol. He said he thought it was funny. It's times like that that I can't believe what flies out of my mouth sometimes. I'm sure his new girl friend was REALLY impressed with me.

So I went to the school and they sent me back to get him. Apparently he had fallen asleep during stations and then again during lunch time recess in the classroom. Poor kid! I scooped him up and took him home where he slept for just about the whole day. He was running a low grade fever. That night he climbed into my bed and was burning up. I got up and took his temperature and it was 103.7. YIKES!! More Tylenol and back to bed. He's still been sick today, with lots of coughing and a few trips to the bathroom with changes of pants. I really hope he feels better tomorrow. If not I think I will take him in to the urgent care. I hope he doesn't have an ear infection or bronchitis.

So now my throat is feeling a little scratchy. Hopefully I'm just being a hypercondriac!!

This morning I left the kids home and went to breakfast with my girlfriends. We had a nice time hanging out. After breakfast we went to Barnes & Nobles since my one friend had some returns to make and I picked up a new book called Firefly Lane. So far it's pretty good! Then we went over to See's candy and they got some gifts and I got some candy and ate it. Yum! I only got a few pieces because I knew if I bought a box I'd be pigging out lol. I cannot resist candy.

No fun plans for tomorrow's Superbowl here. Scott's not a huge football fan plus we don't have many friends lol. Maybe if Trevor is feeling better we can get out for a little date or something.Pin It


Chris H said...

A Nooner! That's rather funny. Hope Trevor is all better by now.

Gina said...

It's a man thing I think. they don't understand the term emergency, unless of course it's a lack of beer.
Hope Trevor is feeling better and it's nothing serious.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Mary said...

Sorry to hear the little guy is sick. Must be going around!

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