Saturday, January 17, 2009


So it's Saturday!! Whoop whoop. Kids, husbands, they're all here. Oh yeah not so exciting is it. I had to wait my turn to use the computer!

This morning I woke up with the intent to go to garage sales. The alarm went off at 6:30 am (gotta get up early to get the good stuff). I promptly turned it off. Not too long after that Trevor came in and got in bed with us. Let me back up a little bit.

Last night Trevor threw up and I was kind of hoping it was a one time thing. He threw up, took a bath, fell asleep on the couch.

Ok back to this morning.

So he climbs in bed with me and

I'm like "Umm, what's that smell?"
Lean over towards the kid.
"Whew! is that your breath?"
Roll over and try not to breathe.
"Dude I think you need to go brush your teeth!"

A little bit later he gets up and goes in the bathroom. I lay in bed and think ugh I can still smell it and he's not even in here. And it's such an odd smell.

So I get up to go help him find his toothbrush. He's changed his pajama bottoms? I look down at the floor in the bathroom and there is his crapped up underwear.

::Ding ding ding::

And there folks, was the source of the icky smell.

ok kid in the tub, clothes washed out, Mom's hands and nostrils now sterilized.

So I got myself together and went in search of some garage sales. Here's today's highlights.

GARAGE sale #1-

Drive up to the house and all the stuff for sale is in the garage. I see a kid with some kind of stick thing at the entrance, swinging it around and a bunch of people in the garage. I drive away without stopping.

Yard sale #2-

HUGE heap of clothes. I start going through them and it's some good name brand stuff.

Me:"Excuse me, how much are your clothes?"

garage sale woman: "25 cents each"

me in my head: "SCORE!"

So I load up a big black trash bag full of clothes. I have $40 on me so I know I should have enough. They have the bag in the garage while I look at what else they have.

garage sale woman: "she said you can have the whole bag for $5"

me: "really??"

in my head: "double score!"

skip ahead to a few garage sales later-

I got down this street (I just follow signs now, I quit looking in our suck ass paper) and there are TONS of cars. I finally figure out where it is and it's a really nice house with a really really long driveway. It's in a little section of town that used to be country and somehow stayed a bit that way, but it's surrounded by all the new houses. I'm looking around and find a few things and hear some people talking about how I guess these people are losing their house. So they were selling everything.


They were digging up the plants in the yard and selling those too.
When I left I kind of felt like crying.


If you are having a garage sale, and you are selling shoes, offer them at garage sale prices. No one is going to pay you $7 for Vans that have obviously been through the washer and dryer. $1 maybe. $7, try ebay!Pin It

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Unknown said...

Wish we had some good Garage sales here.. Nope.. ounds like you scored though!

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