Saturday, January 24, 2009


I've decided that I'm going to have a GIVE AWAY!!

Yep, you read that right. What am I going to give away??

BOOKMARKS of course!

So if you'd like to win these 3 free bookmarks (personalized and with ribbon of course) just leave me a comment!

ETA: I will draw a winner Friday Morning. So you have until then to enter!

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clev said...

What a great idea, giving away free bookmarks! I can use some more bookmarks. :) Thank you for telling us about this.


Lorri F said...

Julie- Them v-day bookmarks are adorable!

You did such a great job on my bookmarks! I love them all and will be back for more.

Mary said...

Those are cute! I'm a literature major so those would really come in handy for me. Right now I'm using clothing tags from the Christmas loot.

I had to come read your blog because driving the Mom-Taxi has been my life for years and years. I just retired from it. It's probably just a short break in reality. I just posted a picture of my taxi driving freedom!

Cardholders N RVs said...

ooh! I love your bookmarks. I love checking out all your new ideas! I think you are one smart girl!!!

Laurie FFSI

Narelle said...

Oooooooh! Yes Please!
My daughter has been eyeing off your bookmarks and she's always got her head in a book.
I'd give one a good workout too!

JenK said...

Oh I love your bookmarks Julie! this would be a wonderful gift!


Anonymous said...

Julie, those are really adorable!!! Would make great V-day "cards" for the kids at school!

Melanie Blair - FFSI

gloria b said...

FREE!! LOL!! Count me in! Especially if it is a worthwhile item. I've been looking over your bookmarks and it is so hard for me to choose a pattern for myself. But these Valentine theme ones are cute. Oh how I wish I win! If I don't I will still admire your bookmarks!! LOL!!! You do good work!

Susie said...

That's a good way to get a bunch of people to post comments! I agree your book marks are the best! My kids love theirs!

Carla said...

I LOVE your bookmarks! Can't wait to win some for FREE!


Anonymous said...

Those are great Julie! I have loved everyone that you have made for FFSI so far! :o)

Stacie T

mars372 said...

Hey I want free Julie's bookmarks!! It's me Mars!

PaulaGratz said...

Cool blog, and how perfect that you want to give away 3 bookmarks, and I have 3 dd's, LOL

Congrats on making your 100th bookmark too!

Paula (CrochetGifts)

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