Friday, January 23, 2009


So how was everyone's FRIDAY?? I sooo remember the days of OMG!!


Now, yeah, not so much.

Spent the morning playing around on the computer. The neighbor came over and used my phone because hers isn't working and she needed to call the phone company. They are going to come out on MONDAY to fix her phone. Good thing she has a pay as you go type phone for back up (She's 80!)

While she was here she was commenting on all that we have done to our house and how nice it looks. Funny how it takes someone like that to remind you just how much you HAVE done. I'm constantly thinking of everything we NEED to do that I forget how much work we have put into our little shack!

After she left I got tired of myself and decided I needed to go to town and do SOMETHING. So I went to the post office and dropped off all my ebay packages I needed to mail and then went to the jewelry store to find out about getting my ring fixed (I lost a little diamond somewhere). It is only $40 to get it fixed. gotta love the small town jeweler that knows your whole family. My Aunt, Uncle and Grandma have all worked for him.

After that I went to Michael's and exchanged my xyron cartridges. I wish we had another craft store so we had more selection in this little dumpidy dump town. Sure we have a mall but COMEON!! We need more stuff to entertain us girls that don't like to buy clothes.

Went to Wal Mart next and got some stuff that I keep forgetting to get (toothpaste, it's a GOOD THING). Ran into my Uncle, who is married to the Aunt that has cancer. She is doing really well and is going to go back to work in a couple weeks part time! It's amazing how they are able to zap so many kinds of cancers now. I guess she will always "have it" and it will come back in some other form eventually (from what my mom told me). Hopefully it won't be until she is REALLY OLD.

Came home and messed around a bit, started working on my bookmarks, then took Jess to her friend's house to spend the night, took the kids to Taco Bell for dinner. Came home and worked on bookmarks some more. I'll finish them up tomorrow I was getting cross eyed looking at them tonight!

Still doing good on my healthier eating. Tracking my calories at SparkPeople still. Hopefully I'll stay at it!! Saw this on the LOLCats sight, thought it was too funny!

Hope everyone is having a great weekend. My only plans are to take Melissa to get some new shoes tomorrow.Pin It

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~Sheila~ said...

My weekend is going pretty good. Yesterday (Friday) we all hung out at my husband's uncle's house and drank, played pool and sang karoke.
Good times.

Today I am going to go to Mexico with my best friend. Then hang out with her for awhile.

Sunday...gotta work. It's a good thing. I will only be working until Wednesday then I take off to Houston for the rest of the week.


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