Friday, January 16, 2009

Ebay Losers

UGH. I just got this message this morning. It's bound to happen when you sell a lot. The kooks start coming out.

Dear lil*jewels,

hi my name is billy i use my nepew acount to bid on this item for my wife not good with computers didnt know abougt pay pal he dont have really like this item for my wife will send you a check tomarro if you send me your address sorry an thanks

Yeah ok. First of all I only take Paypal so now I have to wait for your sorry ass to get the money to buy a stamp. And an envelope. And I DON'T take checks. And freaking learn how to spell and use the shift key.Pin It


Sarah said... least you have ONE really totally cool..out of this world..awesome buyer! Made anneke's day today..Thank goodness as she was in tears about having to erase one word on her homework page..hormonal or what..UGGG!!!!

Susie said...

I think I would just tell him sorry Paypal or no item for you! What if he sends you a rubber check? Idiots! Have had a lot of those over the years too!

~Sheila~ said...

Aww..well, like you said. It's boung to happen.

Hope everything works out somehow.

Carin said...

ROFL!!!! I think you just moved the needle on your cuss-o-meter.
People suck what can I say.

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