Friday, September 3, 2010

Married. With Children.

Yesterday Scott was laying on the couch and I was feeling all warm and fuzzy towards him so I went over and jumped on him and started tickling him and he was all "don't!" "stop it!". Which of course just made me do it more but he wasn't really playing back much so I climbed off and somehow we started talking about how there was a mosque being built at ground zero..

Yeah fun times.

Later I was thinking how in the "early days" that tickling would have turned into an all out make out session, probably followed by some hanky panky and good times on the couch.

No worries about sitting on my couch though, we've had it over a month and haven't even christend it yet. I'm guessing it might be like years never before that happens.

THEN my mind went to "Married With Children" where poor Peggy is always trying to get affection from Al and he's just like "I'm watching tv here".

Yeah, I think that's about where we are now.Pin It


Stacy said...

I'd laugh if it was so true. :( Welcome to the "club."

Sara Strand said...

True story. THIS is the kind of stuff that should be in marriage vows.

Julie H said...

yah really!

"I promise to never zone out watching tv instead of making out with my wife"

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