Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Momma needs a vacation

So where to begin, where to begin?? Such an exciting day. Let's see there was WORK, which was so freaking fantabulously exciting that I left 45 minutes early before I stabbed myself with a fork. ::DING:: I was done! If only I could just walk to the mail box and pick up a check. I really wish I could find something to do at home that I could make $15 an hour at. I was even thinking on the way home, if I could make something that sold for $15 and sold 7 a day, I could JUST STAY HOME. Let's all put our brains to it and find a way for this mama to be a stay at home one again ok?

And since we're on the subject of work, you all know how I was kicked out my desk (that I was already sharing with someone else) when the new person came in? So now I'm a "floater" and have to walk around and find a vacant desk to sit at every day. Works great on those days when SURPRISE! Everyone is at work. It doesn't happen often but it really really sucks. I usually just walk around pouting threatening to just go sit outside at the picnic table. If only I had a laptop to work on that would work REALLY well. Well only for a couple months. Then it will be getting too windy and rainy and cold.

But anyways, so there are two people that have been out for a week and will be out the this week also. I called the one guys desk before he even left. MINE MINE MINE. Stuck my little cardboard box that says "Julie's Desk" there and plopped my butt in the chair and made myself at home. Until yesterday. I walked in and the little intern girl was starting to sit down IN MY CHAIR.

Oh HELL no.

I was like umm I'm going to be sitting here, OK?!?! You can take the other desk with the really slow computer. She's like ohh. Ok thought someone was sitting at the other desk since there was some stuff there. I'm like well don't know what to tell you but I'm sitting here so get hte hell out of my way.

I've worked there for 4 years (counting my one year where I just walked to my mail box to get my check) and I could possible be the girl's mother. Yep, I'm calling rank.

I'm such a nice person to work with.Pin It

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