Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Party Pictures

Isn't this cake adorable? The little pink bags are the party favors for the kids.

My nephew had hurt his arm at baseball practice and was worried that the bandage was going to come off so the boys spent the day at the park playing games on the iPhone

Gee aren't we cute? Still thinking lypo to my neck would be great....
Melissa spent most of the day looking real happy like this... she was tired from helping set up the party.
Looks like she's saying "can I have a drink?"
Buried in presents.
(That's my step-dad's brother on the right there)
Isn't this the coolest car? It's a REMOTE CONTROL car, my brother was steering it!
The girls gathered up all the balloons after the party and gave them away to random kids at the park.
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Chris H said...

totally cool photos! What a darling wee girl.

Unknown said...

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