Thursday, September 2, 2010


Well we had another football weigh in tonight. HALF A POUND. After it's all said and done THEN the kid has to go to the bathroom. UGH lol. They said that we can try again tomorrow. Hopefully he can play on Saturday since we are signed up to work at the game AND it's picture day. I have no doubt he'll make it next week if not this one! Poor kid!!

Got home and Jessica had COOKIES sitting out on the table and didn't understand why I was like OMG put those away! Of course I'm just being mean. Everytime I sneeze she thinks I'm being mean and picking on someone. I think she's having a month long PMS. Heaven forbid I "raise my voice" or ask someone to do something in those 2 hours a day that I'm home and not sleeping.

I'm so glad that this is a three day weekend! Other than football on Saturday we have no plans. It will be nice weather too.

It's so late by the time I've gotten on here I can't even remember what I've thought about blogging all day.

Oh here's a good one. A few people from work went out to pick peaches on some study site today. One of the girls came back and was like "oh you should have went!". I was like ummm hellooo no way I'm going out in a field and doing manual labor.  Later at lunch another gal (I call her power point girl since she only seems to be making power points for her job) was saying how it's too bad we can't hook up a high school with a farmer to pick peaches and fruit so that they will learn what happens when you don't get an education. Took everything I had not to tell her how stupid she was. 

Well off to comment on some blogs! Leave me some love :)

(oh and no need to tell me how unfair it is that kids get weighed for football, I KNOW)Pin It

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MJ said...

I can't believe they weigh the kids?!!! haha, just kidding.

Sounds like you have aweful coworkers, between her and bitchy face move-this-box-now girl.

Do you have an office now?

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