Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teen Drivers Suck

Well this is obviously my bitch week. "Cause everything is fucking pissing me off! Mostly at the moment my ungratful teenager who can kiss my ass and won't be driving MY car anytime soon.
Tell me I'm a bad "teacher" while she's driving. Yeah. I'd like to see how calm she would be if someone was driving her thirty thousand dollar car that only has nine thousand left to pay it off, which by the way is still going to take a WHOLE NOTHER FLIPPING YEAR PLUS. I'm sorry I scream a bit when I think we're going to DIE!! I'm sorry I make that scared noise that you hate when I think you're going to HIT ANOTHER CAR!!

Fuck yeah I'm a bad teacher!

Please someone tell me it gets easier when you've been through it a few times???Pin It


Stacy said...

Nope. We're trying to get the second one through it. Still sucks.

Sara Strand said...

I remember my brother yelling at my mom because she told him that here in the winter, you STOP at the sign, inch up a little and stop again so you can see if anything is coming behind a snowbank. So Travis was like, "No problem- I'll break the law for you, mom!" Fast forward a few weeks- Travis totals my dad's truck because he didn't see another car coming from behind a snowbank. Nobody mentions it because Travis flips out. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Did you happen to watch "Parenthood" last week??

Laurie (btw, that was me commenting on the spilled milk one too..forgot to sign my name)

Barb said...

This is why I pay others to teach my kids to drive!

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