Thursday, January 6, 2011


Today was foggy. AGAIN. I'm so tired of the fog. It's so depressing. I'm pretty sure it's been foggy all week. I'm thinking if it's still foggy on Saturday I'm going to pack up some stuff and take a road trip somewhere that has some sun. I need to feel the sun beams penetrate my soul!

My cat has been like a magnet lately. At the moment she's sitting on my lap hunched over, leaving just enough room for me to use my hands. She gets very pissy if I throw her off.

It's 7:15 and my husband still isn't home. He was texting me today, being all depressed at work. Poor guy!

Jessica is off at youth group. She drove herself. So very very weird.

Melissa made dinner. OMG that reminds me I never took the frozen veggies out of the microwave. Healthy mom FAIL.

Trevor has been playing on the Wii since he got home. With just his pants on. It drives the girls nuts when he doesn't have a shirt on for some reason. They keep telling him to "get dressed" and "put some clothes on". I think it's kind of funny.

In a turn of events, the dog didn't eat anything while I was at work today. I'm starting to think this might be an "every other day" activity. And that maybe we should buy a new dog kennel that he can't escape out of.Pin It


Sara Strand said...

I don't like fog either... but I would take it over our cold. The radio said up to -35 tonight. Um.. suckish major since that means it'll still be cold as crap in the morning. Ew.

Sandra said...

It could be worse: Trevor could be playing Wii with a shirt on and no pants. Maybe tell the girls that, see how loudly they squeal.

Chris H said...

I grew up in an area plauged by fogs too.. they are awful.... cold and damp forever.
Griffin does not wear a shirt around the house in summer... it does not bother anyone here!
Poor Trevor... being picked on like that. lol

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